Thursday, 4 April 2013

A common problem with Compaq Presario V3000 (AMD)

Today i received aphone call from an old friend asking about his friend's laptop problem. The problem is, it is difficult to turn on the laptop, and it take many time to press the power button until the post screen display,.

Simply i said to him "it is compaq V3000 is it?" and "it is AMD". He shocked and asked how did i know, it is simple because this problem is a common problem for V3000 model. This model can be consider an old model even it is victorious during windows vista released.

So what should i do right now?
I said to him that maybe there are genius out there can fix it, but i just simply reformat and make sure the laptop temperature always below 65C . (you can use a software such as speed fan to check the temp).

Is there other thing that i can do?
Well you can try clean the RAm, remove it and rub with eraser. If this problem cause by RAM normally by clean it your problems solved.

Why is this happen?
it is AMD, and it use Nvidia graphic, both will produce a large amount of heat, and overtime the hjeat defect your hardware, every hardware have its own lifetime. My personal view is this model can survive till 5 years without any problems, after that, one by one you will see it start to malfunction.

Shoul i replace the Motherboard, Graphic etc?
Depend on your place how much to replace them, i strongly recommend to get a new one if it no longer work (only blank when you turn it on). Here at my place, to replace it like you pay half for a new one.

I love this model, and for me it is not outdated!
I'm not telling that you have an old model, even i myself never have a laptop and using an old desktop. But now you are in the middle of a problem where it cause you to spent a lot, so my suggestion when it is no cure for it, better spend you money for a quality -faster -and better specs.
well, i know how much you love your V3000 as much i love my old desktop.

Maybe there are another good advice regarding your problem, Im just sharing my opinion. When you think there is better solution, share it, that the power of the internet, we not bound to the myth by the manufacture or website who loves our money.

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