Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Update to Drivers Links and Donwload

I always want to provide the easiest way to solve your driver problems, including finding the driver link and you just can download it without problems. But currently whenever i renew the download links, certain party/person (I don't know who they are) will report the files as violation or claim it was their file (including porn site!!!) and guess what, they win the claim.

So now there are no other ways to continue this blog unless to provide the steps and driver file, no more download link from me (unless it was from manufacture or third party). This apply to important file such as windows 7 driver for old graphic (i uploaded 2 week ago and it reached 5000+ download) then it was deleted yesterday.

I work without fund or sponsors, sometimes it took me a week to figure out the solutions for certain problems. With my broken English i still continue to write. The only thing that motivate me is the 1 MILLION views per 3 month, it make me know there are many people seek for help.
Here i would like to thanks you for your continuous support, especially to those who email me and share information with me, i really appreciate that.

If you have any feedback suggestion or question do mail me at

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