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Sony Vaio VGN-FW Series VGN-FW4ZTJ/H (PCG-3H1M) Windows 7 Driver

This post is a reply for the following request:

If you search form sony site for PCG-3H1M you will get 'product not found', this is because the right model for PCG-3H1M is different such as Sony Vaio VGN-FW Series VGN-FW4ZTJ/H, so look carefully on the back stickers normally it state the right model.

Sony Vaio PCG-3H1M / VGN-FW41J

To make it easier for you and for me, write all the information provided on the stickers including ref num etc.


Intel Sata driver registry patch - 080619a
Also available through VAIO Update32 bits 371.24 Kb 27/10/2009

Intel Sata driver registry patch - 080619a
 Also available through VAIO Update64 bits 371.24 Kb 27/10/2009


7UPG_Wireless LAN Driver (Intel)_32 32 bits
 2.14 Mb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Wireless LAN Driver (Intel)_64 64 bits
2.72 Mb 22/10/2009

There are 2 applicable graphic which is inel and ATI.

7UPG_Graphics Driver (ATI)_32 32 bits
106.37 Mb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Graphics Driver (ATI)_64 64 bits
110.5 Mb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Graphics Driver (Intel)_type1_32 32 bits
25.29 Mb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Graphics Driver (Intel)_type1_64
64 bits 26.3 Mb 22/10/2009

Download and read the installation instruction for Ethernet at the end of the post.
Select 64 and 32 bit base on your specs.

7UPG_Ethernet Driver (Marvell)_32 32 bits
357.89 Kb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Ethernet Driver (Marvell)_64 64 bits
 416.86 Kb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Alps Bluetooth driver 32 / 64 bits
 57.74 Mb 22/10/2009

(Install both audio and HDMI Driver)

Audio driver -
 Also available through VAIO Update32 / 64 bits 139.66 Mb 27/10/2009

7UPG_Audio Driver (Realtek)32 / 64 bits
98.01 Mb 22/10/2009

7UPG_Audio Driver (Realtek) HDMI 32 / 64 bits
 8.8 Mb 22/10/2009


7UPG_Ethernet Driver (Marvell)_32 32 bits and 64 bits

1. Unzip the driver folder.
2. Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.
3. A device manager will open, look for Ethernet/Network controller marked with yellow.
4. Right click and select update driver.
5. Select Browse My Computer For driver software.
6. Click browse and point to the driver folder we extracted earlier.
7. Next and continue with on screen installation.

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